Tuesday, April 20, 2010

The Swelling of the Organ...Girlesque~Faye Richmonde

The Swelling of the Organ and the Coming of the Bride

Very interesting platter called Girlesque featuring Faye Richmonde on Davis records catalog# JD-116. The song titles are risque to say the least but more interestingly is the controversy surrounding the record when it came out in '58.

Billboard magazine on December 22, 1958 had this article published:

'Joe Davis and three other dealers were exonerated of the charge of dealing in obscene records when a jury found them not guilty last week in court here.

Davis and three dealers were charged with handling lewd records last June when police raided some record shops in Queens NY.

At that time one dealer, of the seven charged, pleaded guilty to selling an off color record of an undercover taping made of comic Jerry Lewis at a rehearsal for a TV show.

Davis was charged with manufacturing off color disks specifically two LP's on Davis Records "For Men Only" and "Girlesque". However the jury listened to the records and after being out 12 hours returned with the not guilty verdict.

The three dealers were also cleared of selling lewd disks and the other 3 dealers trial comes up shortly.'

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  1. Jury out 12 hours?!! What the system won't waste money on... I swear it's never ending! This is a great cheesecake cover and the "color" is more "off" on kid cartoons these days than this recording.