Monday, October 11, 2010

Magical Record Find at the Flea Market on 10-10-10

This is the kind of score that Record Collectors live for when they hunt fleas and garage sales....

Yesterday was one of those once in a lifetime dates 10-10-10. Craig, the Record King, told me surely it's a special, possibly lucky, date. I had ventured to a little flea market along the river early in the day and found this book set.

Now, I love Mel Blanc and Looney Tunes so of course I immediately picked this up to check on the condition of the records. There were no Mel Blanc records in this book but there WAS a Leadbelly Atlantic 78 along with an MGM Hank Williams. I asked how much for the book. ONE buck. yes! Tink's score of the week!

So that was so very exciting for me! Finding a Leadbelly is so difficult and I have been outbid on them on several occasions in the Nauck's Vintage Record auctions. So you can imagine my delight for $1.00!!

I also found this precious Musette book and record from the same dealer:

Very magical day of flea marketing. Happy Columbus Day to you all!