Sunday, September 12, 2010

Spoken Word Exotica by Tink© on DVD

"Poetry as Art? Yes, when you combine it with visuals and music creating a multi dimensional experience of sight and sound..."

"Art meets Poetry in an explosion of aural and visual delight..."

Hi Folks! Some of my Spoken Word Exotica pieces have been compiled into a collection on DVD! See Tink on the big screen (bigger than the little You Tube box, anyway) with quality sound. I tested the DVD's on the 52" with the Bose surround speakers and it really was magical! The sound quality is great with the pieces having been recorded through a Blue Microphones Snowball model.

The DVD's are approximately 30 minutes long and contain 9 of the pieces. They are 10.00 each with shipping included and can be purchased below. Thanks for all your continued support! I love you all! XO