Saturday, April 3, 2010

The Sister's Concert

Velvet Shoes

Very unusual and fun local Private Press recording by the Choral Group of the Sisters of St Dominic. The back of the record says:

"The Choral Group of the Sisters of St Dominic of Caldwell NJ presented a concert for the benefit of their Sisters' Infirmary, under the direction of Sister M. Alicia, O.P., at the Mosque Theater, Newark NJ on April 5, 1964 to a capacity audience of over 3000 people.

A second presentation was made at Mt. St Dominic Auditorium, Caldwell NJ on April 11, 1964.

By request, this record has been produced for the pleasure of those who were unable to attend either concert. Likewise, the availability may please those who desire a repeat performance in their own homes.

The proceeds from this record will be allocated to the Infirmary Fund which provides for the needs of the old and ill Sisters of St Dominic."

The record was produced and recorded by Foto Disk of Newark NJ and I thank them for pressing this gem. The tune I chose is the first track off the second side. It has an ethereal quality and I love the title.


  1. Another surprise. You were lucky to find a solo on the LP. Love the way they recorded the piano... sort of "way back, far out in space...".

  2. yes, not just all straight choral stuff! Really refreshing! Everybody loves a singing nun!