Saturday, April 3, 2010

Guide to Family Record Club Artists

Yes, He Did ~ the White Sisters

Fun oddity on the one & only Word Record label of Waco, Texas. A treasure trove of 28 oddball Christian artists jammed onto one LP with the best cover ever.

Back cover notes state comments on this 'unusual album by Jarrell McCracken, president of Word Records' and those comments include;

"We know you will find this record a very enjoyable one within itself even though some of the selections are not complete. Naturally, one of our primary objectives was to showcase as many different artists, and types of artists as we possibly could.

"We did not include any of our classical talent on this particular record. If enough of our members request it, this could be a future demonstration album."

The song I have chosen to play is side 1 track 4 Yes He Did by the White Sisters, a seriously uplifting tune by some very happy ladies. Enjoy!


  1. This LP has a wonderful Atomic Cover. I'm impressed by the music. Of course, the children on the cover went on to become heavy drinkers.

  2. HA! I have to agree with you there or death metal musicians.