Monday, August 9, 2010

Vinyl Record Day Worldwide Holiday for Vinyl Junkies

Those of you in the know may be aware that August 12th has been declared Vinyl Record Day. August 12th was not a randomly chosen date, in fact, it's significance is great! It happens to be the very day in 1877 when Great Grandfather of the audiophile, Thomas Alva Edison, invented the phonograph changing all of our lives forever!

Unlike Record Store Day which is a for profit group whose focus is to sell music on any format, the goal of Vinyl Record Day is to increase the awareness of the importance of the preservation of audio history recorded on vinyl and to encourage a day when people gather together and share their vinyl and love of music.

This sounds like our one true Atomic Vinyl Zombie Holiday. Plan something super special and celebrate your vinyl music on August 12th. You can also read an interview with Gary Frieberg, the founder of Vinyl Record Day, in issue 784 of Goldmine Magazine.

Vinyl LIVES!

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