Friday, August 27, 2010

Count Down Jimmie Haskell and his Orchestra 1959

Ultra rare Jimmie Haskell space age fun with a moog and THEREMIN too!! WOW. Craig, the Record King put this one aside as a special surprise for me, knowing I would immediately go nuts for it. Needless to say, I did. Today I did ALOT of work for him as he was all backed up and this was my special giftie for getting him up to date! I am thrilled with this magical gem.

The back notes say "Don't worry about bringing a space suit...all you need is a good woofer and tweeter, a comfortable chair and a vivid imagination." YEAH, BAY-BAY! This is an amazing record.

It is released on the Imperial label which is no budget label, for sure, so it's a slick production and is LP #9068 High Fidelity. I've been breezing through it on the Teac this afternoon but I'll be placing it on the Fisher console here shortly. Just wanted to record a sound clip for you first! ENJOY and have fun finding a copy! You're gonna WANT this one!

I've chosen this tune, Asteroid Hop, for it's swingin, space age quality. Really Atomic and fabulous for 1959. Enjoy!


  1. HA HA. It really is amazing. I am blown away xo

  2. Is it possible a link to this record on here please