Monday, February 15, 2010

Johnny Fortune~ Dragster on Park Ave 89114


Wicked Hot Rod record, one of my very favorites!

Johnny Fortune was born in Ohio moving to California in 1959 to work as a session musician in LA in '60 & '61. It is purported that he played on Sam Cooke's Chain Gang, although this has been disputed.

He was called the World's Greatest Guitarist by Sammy Hagar. Dragster was released in 1963.

His album Soul Surfer had his 10 year old brother playing drums on the title tune.

A classic of Hot Rod Surf Guitar originally released as Park Avenue 130 this copy is catalog #89114. Johnny Fortune went to the Big Kahuna in the sky in 2006 but his legendary music lives on.


  1. Thanks Tink! It's fun to visit your universe!

  2. Johnny Fortune played on Sam Cooke recordings, he did not play on Chain Gang. That ad was to help identify the artist as many may not know who Sam Cooke is but know that song. Other media say he was 16 when he recorded Soul Surfer and his brother Joey was 10. That is not accurate either. Johnny was 19 and Joey was 13. Johnny's last album "Life Goes On" featured Johnny Jr on guitar and drums. Except for the song Eyes Big as Dallas which I played drums on.
    Ed Greenwald