Thursday, February 4, 2010

The Busters~ Bust Out Arlen 735

Bust Out

This fabulous Guitar Instrumental is on the Arlen of Philadelphia label. The Busters are normally mentioned as one hit wonders and I can find little info on them.

It appears they were from Massachusetts and this single Bust Out was released in August of 1963 spending 10 weeks on the Billboard charts. Earlier incarnations of the band were the Sapphires and first recorded as the Northern Lights cutting the tune Typhoid which had a Bust Out feel to it.

The Northern Lights (later the Busters) were ahead of their time in that they played and wrote their OWN material which didn't become standard procedure for many bands of the era until the Beatles came along.

Harry Finfer (partners with Dick Clark in Arlen and Jamie records) Eventually re-recorded Typhoid as Bust Out on his Arlen label renaming the group on the master the Buster's simply "because it fit".

Northern Lights had already disbanded by the time the record was released but 2 original members, Jack Baker and Fran Parda, scrambled to assemble a touring band and went on the road extensively through the Summer of 1964.


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