Thursday, February 4, 2010

Baron Daemon & the Vampires~ Ghost Guitars

Ghost Guitars

What could be better than Guitar Instrumentals with a Horror theme? That's what you get with this super rare 45 on WNYS-TV Records.

Baron Daemon was a Horror Movie Host from 1962 to 1967 in the Syracuse, NY area. In 1963 he recorded the hottest selling local single of all time with Transylvania Twist. Ghost Guitars is the flip of that record.

The Baron originally hosted late-night horror films on Friday and Saturday nights. But parents soon called complaining that they couldn't get their kids to go to bed until they’d seen the Baron. It was then that the station added a late-afternoon kids show~ Baron and his Buddies~ five days a week.

This record was given to me for Christmas by my boyfriend who actually found it at a local Estate Sale. Recently, a copy of this record turned up in the Tefteller's Rare Record Auction with an opening minimum bid of 150.00


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